Aia Client Architect Agreement Pdf

The 2009 Customer and Architect Agreement (CAA2009) can be used for projects of all sizes and complexities. It is published with a comprehensive user manual, proforma guidance letters and an example of agreement reached. The CAA2009 can be completed and modified by hand and calendars and signing pages are also available digitally. Following extensive consultations with Institute members and stakeholders, the Institute`s client architecture agreement has been revised and improved. It adopts simple, easy-to-use English and contains new provisions and clarifications regarding key mechanisms, such as work costs. B, service charges, service changes, long-term services, use of intellectual property in design, digital files, termination of contract and advance payment (mobilization fees). The layout, concepts and terminology defined, known in the previous CAA2009, are used and clarified. The user guide will provide the architect with instructions on the content and impact of CAA2009, as well as suggestions on how to complete the details of the contractual plans. The user guide can also be used to help the customer, correctly complete the required details and sign the contract. .

You can download a reference copy and user manual below: The digital version of the full and limited CAA2019 services is now available to all members of the establishment, with access to Acumen, as a membership benefit. Hardcopy versions of CAA2019 and CAALS2019 can be purchased through our online store. This latest version is published with a complete user manual, an information manual for the customer and model letters. Download the contract and move on: the CAA2009 has been withdrawn from sale. The CAA2019 is an important revision and we strongly recommend its use to better protect your interests, avoid misunderstandings or disputes and have a contract in accordance with the codes of conduct in each state and territory.