End User License Agreement Keeps Appearing

Every time I open Outlook 2013 (paid $149.00) a box appears in which she asks to accept the deal. I`m tired and two hours on the phone with so-called a Microsoft expert didn`t help them „don`t know why“! Hey, for the EA licensing deal deal case that my friend discovered. You have to go to „player data“ on „my games and apps“ and delete them for BF2. But if you reopen the game, you will stay and the EA message will disappear. This behavior occurs when your user account does not have permission to change the Microsoft Windows record. Connect to the computer using a user account with the administrator`s login information. If you are a Vista user who encounters the same problem, the same correction should go around. This is caused by Windows security and permissions. Your Windows user account does not have the necessary permissions to write activation in registration. Connect to the computer with an administrator`s user account. If „Run as an Administrator“ doesn`t show up, if you click the right mouse button on the shortcut, use the Start menu or home screen search area to find Outlook.exe. If you hold the Ctrl-Maj button down while you click the right mouse button on the Outlook link you use to open it, the Run as an Administrator link must also be enabled.

Let us not focus on the reasons for this situation. It`s a Microsoft product,“ pretty much said. Let`s fix it instead. Here`s how: Thank you very much! Simple but huge time saving and frustration in the relief of the numbers, although I am the administrator and the only account on this comp, I still have to choose „Run as an administrator“ for it to work. Well, to understand, the dozen other MS problems threw me on this point. What a royal pain. Outlook is a pain – I don`t know all the geeky things about my internet connections that I should provide to allow me to use Outlook. Ridiculous – I`m going to unload my office and use open office.

Microsoft is shooting itself in the foot again. Listen to the crowds!!! Everyone has a solution that doesn`t include deleting my account data? . This behavior occurs for any desktop program you run. Thank you very much…. It drove me crazy every time I was postoffen! Click on the user (Computer_name, user), then click to select the box to be rated Allow for full access permission. It`s great to find a „solution“ that works!! Thank you very much, very appreciated!!! But they helped a lot. Nice simple suggestion went around. Thank you very much. Not the end of the world, but certainly annoying and wants a solution or see if anyone else is facing this problem.

. I know this problem was something that a lot of people faced during the beta, and I saw solutions online, but I don`t want to erase all my account data. I recently updated my computer with a new Solid State player and I transferred and reinstalled all my games. Since the installation of Origin, every time I start my computer, the end-user license agreement opens. In addition, I get the error message „65538: 15000“ every time I try to download Dragon Age 2. Are they related? How can I keep it? Start an office program, p.B. Word. The „End User Agreement“ dialog box appears. Can you post a screenshot? This doesn`t sound like anything you`ve outlook.com`ve checked the email for your account by signing up for your account at profile.ea.com, Origin.com or Help.EA.com?If not, it leads me to believe that it causes you to send in a loop every time.