Us Sign Peace Agreement With Taliban

Despite these potential problems, the main objective of the United States is to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. This goal has been achieved; U.S. troops leave Afghanistan. President Trump has pledged to get American troops or Afghanistan out, and in the face of a new election, he must keep that promise. What is happening to Afghanistan is less important. The next step in the process, talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government or „intra-Afghan negotiations,“ will focus on a genuine „peace agreement.“ Taliban officials have accused the Afghan government of deliberately denying the release of 100 Taliban prisoners in order to impede intra-Afghan negotiations. To date, at the request of the Trump administration, the Afghan government has released some 5,000 Taliban prisoners. The Afghan government denies the allegations and insists that all Taliban prisoners have been released. A government mediation team is ready to travel to Doha to talk to the Taliban, but the delays have been persistent. [141] The four-part agreement between the United States and the Taliban required the United States to withdraw most of its soldiers from Afghanistan, which it did. In exchange, the Taliban assured that Afghanistan would no longer be used as a base for attacks against the United States and its allies.

It also agreed to cooperate with the Afghan government. Karzai confirmed in June 2011 that secret talks were taking place between the United States and the Taliban,[51] but these failed in August 2011. [52] Further attempts to resume talks were cancelled in March 2012[53] and June 2013 following a dispute between the Afghan government and the Taliban over the opening of a political office in Qatar. President Karzai accused the Taliban of presenting themselves as a government in exile. [54] In January 2016, a quadrangle was held in Pakistan with representatives of the Afghan, Chinese and American governments, but the Taliban did not participate. [55] In 2016, the Taliban held informal discussions with the Afghan government. [56] The Taliban in Afghanistan on Tuesday called on U.S. President-elect Joe Biden to continue to abide by the Doha peace agreement with the group signed during the Donald Trump administration. Polls show that the Afghan people were willing to make some compromises for peace. But many question whether the Taliban can be held accountable for what they have promised. They also fear losing the important achievements of international engagement in Afghanistan, such as women`s empowerment, increased freedom of expression and a more vibrant press. Taliban co-founder Abdul Ghani Baradar was one of the main Taliban members in favor of talks with the governments of the United States and Afghanistan.

Karzai`s government reportedly held discussions with Baradar in February 2010. Later that month, Baradar was captured during a joint U.S.-Pakistan raid on the Pakistani city of Karachi. The arrest angered Karzai and called for arrest because Pakistan`s secret services were opposed to Afghan peace talks. [44] [45] After his re-election in the 2009 Afghan presidential elections, Karzai said he would hold a „Jirga of Peace“ in Kabul for peace. The event, which brought together 1,600 delegates, took place in June 2010, but the Taliban and Hezb-i Islami Gulbuddin, both invited by Karzai as a gesture of goodwill, did not attend the conference. [46] Ideological differences have created problems, especially human rights.