3M Reaches Settlement Agreement With Wolverine Worldwide

On Wednesday, a judge approved a $69.5 million settlement between the cities of Wolverine, Michigan and Algoma and Plainfield, which will extend municipal water to about 1,000 homes where contamination has been found. To date, 3M has invested more than $100 million in water source testing across the country to better understand groundwater and drinking water quality in communities, and more than $50 million in installing carbon filtration systems for drinking water sources. We will continue to invest in cutting-edge technology and work with communities to find out where this technology can make a difference. 3M will continue to devote time and resources to RESEARCH on AFPPs. In the complaint, the McNaughtons argued that the toxic chemicals pfas in their drinking water caused a multitude of problems for the family. For example, they claimed that their „health and property values“ had been damaged by chemicals „discovered in their well at Chandler Drive in Belmont in 2017.“ In addition, his 4-year-old son, Jack, tested positive at extremely high levels of PFAS – 484,000 shares per trillion – which the McNaughtons believe caused immune system and vaccination problems. They also blamed other health problems for toxic chemicals, including high cholesterol, miscarriages and pregnancy complications. Wolverine`s insurers played no role in the measures outlined in the Approval Order and the costs of the transaction do not involve any potential recoveries on their part. Wolverine`s insurers have not yet been required to comply with the valid policies they have issued to Wolverine and, as a result, Wolverine will continue to vigorously prosecute them in court to cover Wolverine`s settlement and legal costs. Many residents of North Kent County say they are satisfied with a proposed comparative agreement on contamination with chemicals known as PFAS in the area, although some said they wanted the agreement to go further. Rehabilitation of Wolverine`s former tannery in Rockford, where the company drilled dozens of monitoring wells and collected hundreds of soil, sediment and groundwater samples, is underway. As part of these efforts, Wolverine began installing a filtration system earlier this year to detect and treat groundwater in the PFAS tannery before it reached the Rogue River.

Wolverine also began a major clean-up operation this fall in collaboration with the EPA, including the excavation of soil, sediment, skins and leather skins on and near the site. The approval order provides that Wolverine will continue and complete these activities that are already underway. As part of this comparison, 3M Wolverine will provide a lump sum of $55 million this year to support PFAS in Kent County. Rockford, me. (WOOD) – Wolverine Worldwide and chemical giant 3M have reached an agreement on $55 million for a federal complaint about PFAS contamination in drinking water in Kent County. Wolverine World Wide, Inc. is a leading distributor and licensee of casual brand, active lifestyle, work, outdoor sports, sports, sports, children`s footwear and uniforms and clothing. The company`s portfolio of recognized brands includes: Merrell®, Sperry®, Hush Puppies®, Saucony®, Wolverine®, Keds®, Stride Rite®, Chaco®, Bates® and HYTEST®. The company is also the global licensee of the popular brands Cat® and Harley-Davidson®. The company`s products are carried by leading retailers in the United States and around the world in some 170 countries and territories.