Maari Ma Health Enterprise Agreement

Authors writing in CHF`s Health Voices have reported on a number of COVID-inspired developments, where consumers have an influence. An important theme was Queensland, which established working relationships with the State Department of Health during COVID to develop effective consumer strategies and encourage online interaction with consumers, to alert the government in a number of areas, including delayed access to health care, testing advice and face masks. During this period, the IAHP Yarnes team set up a series of three evaluation-specific webinars with potential partners. The webinars offered the opportunity to share mutual knowledge. They allowed potential partners to look more closely at the evaluation values, scope, approaches and methods proposed, to better understand the concerns and needs of partners, and to test different approaches to future engagement. The team is convinced that workshop planning, discussion and agreement on partner participation and evaluation implementation on individual sites can be achieved virtually. Revolutionary Aboriginal Psychiatrist, Researcher and Champion of Mental Health In the Promotion of Honour and Health, Professor Helen Milroy has been awarded as co-winner of the 2020 Australian Mental Health Award. Professor Milroy, who was recognized as the first indigenous Australian as a physician, shares the prestigious award with the principal psychiatrist and founder of the Black Dog Institute, Professor Gordon Parker. A leading researcher and advocate for Aboriginal health was one of the graduates of Newcastle University 2020 at Newcastle University Alumni Excellence.

The awards recognize the innovation, creativity and extraordinary leadership of alumni who have inspired others with their local, national and international achievements. But what if the health care system, which was conceived as a one-of-a-kind solution, is not appropriate? The country`s leading provider of suicide training says the release of the Productivity Commission`s Report on Mental Health is a reminder that coordination is a key to saving many more Australian lives. Shayne Connell, CEO of LivingWorks Australia, said the Commission`s call for structural changes in the implementation of suicidal interventions required broad acceptance from the industry. „We are partnering with the call for a national approach to suicide prevention at different levels of government and different portfolios,“ said Connell.