Standard Form Of Agreement Vodafone

If you are a business or business customer, you may have signed another contract defining the terms and conditions of your service. Kogan nbn™ is provided by Vodafone Hutchison Australia Pty Ltd (Vodafone) to the NBN terms of service set out in the Vodafone Standard Form of Agreement (SFOA), which varies from time to time. The Fair Dealing Directive is part of the SFOA. Some changes to the SFOA apply to Kogan nbn™ services as follows: `Selected countries may change from time to time, see for the list of current countries. The Fair Dealing Directive applies. See If you violate this fair dealing policy, Lebara Mobile may contact you to discuss that your usage will be changed to comply with these fair dealing rules. „Your bolt-on credit includes standard national and international video calls, advance call in Australia, 1223 support, international SMS -MMS. Personal use: All of our Lebara Mega products and services (Small plan, medium plan, large and extra grand plan) are reserved for personal use (see the general conditions applicable to each product and service). Personal use means that only one person uses our products and services for appropriate private use. These include the provision and receipt of calls, the sending and receiving of SMS and MMS, and the use of data services.

The use of Lebara`s services for commercial purposes, including the conduct of transactions of large groups and organizations, is out of their personal use and prohibited. . If Lebara Mobile continues its excessive or inappropriate use after contacting, Lebara Mobile can do so without further notice At their request: In addition to the above terms and conditions, the above terms and conditions apply to you if you purchase a Kogan Mobile Recharge product: Direct Internet activity is when you ask your mobile device to send or receive data from the Internet. For example, if you send an email.