What Is No Backdoor Agreement

It does not say what would happen if the company broke this agreement, and the proposed text does not appear to bind the parent company Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. in Shenzhen. The wording says it is between Huawei in Canada and the Canadian government. „I am ready to sign a No Back door agreement today with my clients (Telcos) and the Indian government,“ Jay Chen, Managing Director of Huawei India, said in an interview. Huawei Technologies Canada`s parent company in Shenzhen has publicly stated that it would be willing to sign non-espionage agreements with governments. The pacts would ensure that Huawei or its foreign subsidiaries are legally responsible for preventing Huawei devices from being used for espionage. You know what`s going on in the halls of power with the best political headlines and comments of the day, chosen by the globe`s editors (subscribers only). Non-backdoor agreements are a political innovation by Huawei to address differences in cybersecurity legislation between countries. Some countries require technology companies to notify their national enforcement agencies to source code so that their national intelligence services monitor the flow of information or require companies to store data in the country. At the end of 2018, Australia`s new telecommunications law even instructed companies to install „backdoors“ for the secret services. Since Australia is a member of the „Five-Eyes“, information received in the country can also be shared by other members. This approach endangers the security of users` data.

After being shunned by a series of countries out of fear, its equipment could help the Chinese government spy, telecommunications giant Huawei, represented by CEO Jay Chen, said on Monday that the company was ready to sign a „no backdoor“ agreement with India. Non-return agreements could be one of the solutions to the international community`s concerns about the safety of technological products. In fact, no government, company or citizen wants their mobile phone or computer to have a back door. Such an agreement can be an opportunity to close those doors. „From the beginning, I am convinced that the Indian industry, the Indian market, will welcome Huawei because I have contributed a lot with my unique value,“ Chen said. „I`m ready to sign a deal without a backdoor.“ „Huawei agrees that no information can be passed on to foreign intelligence services outside of Canada,“ the document says. The company „confirms that it has never had any legal or moral obligations to implement espionage, communication-killer switches or other malicious functions (backdoor) of its equipment or to allow others.“ A Kill Switch is a mechanism that can stop or disable a device or program.